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Whether you are hosting a business conference, leadership training, board retreat, non-profit conference, personal growth seminar, all-staff meeting, or a fundraiser, Jessica brings the house down! She can tailor the exploration of the BOTH/AND dualities to bring a meaningful, actionable message to your day.

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A Powerful Direct Impact.Jessica Bonar - Keynote Speaker

Many Keynote Speakers and Inspirational Speakers are blessed to have found incredible “one-liners” that sound great when written or spoken but how do those one-liners actually resonate with the business and personal life of the viewers? How do they learn and progress through challenging experiences? What tools have they acquired to move the sail in the wind and make mental adjustments? Jessica Bonar- Keynote Speaker, brings her audience with her to a place of despair and begins the building blocks of overcoming, resiliency and hopefulness. No fluffy one liners. This is true work, real life and understanding the art of ways to expect more from every stage of life.

Corporate Events:

Do you need some of the people on your team to step up into leadership roles? Do you need some people on your team to be better collaborators? Jessica has an answer.

We don’t just need people to be better leaders. We need better teams. We need better collaborators. We need better followers. We need people willing to be both.

Jessica can help your team not only see the need for it, but to inspire them to intentionally pursue a balance of being a healthy leader; someone who steps up and steps into their opportunities. And to pursue being a better teammate, a better supporter, a better contributor.

This is how healthy culture, healthy companies, and loyal employees are built.

Dive in with Jessica to understand that we should be living a life of BOTH/AND…on purpose!


When we share a common inspiration, the connection between us all is stronger.  Jessica’s focused message on pursuing a life honoring that we are BOTH/AND brings that connection to you.

The non-profit environment tugs at the heartstrings of the employees and the organization’s supporters alike.  Inspiring these groups to explore their daily lives with a new strength and empowering perspective can make the difference between burnout and turning on the afterburners for each individual, for the teams, for the Board, and for the external supporters.

Invite Jessica into these big conversations, whether it is at a Board retreat, your staff-wide training, or your annual fundraiser, she can positively connect and impact your trajectory.

  • Compelling Industry-Specific Keynote Speaker
  • Tools to Overcome Challenging Times
  • Corporate Training for All leadership Styles
  • Connecting on a Personal Level Through Powerful Presentations

Personal Inspiration

Jessica opens up her gut sack and shines a light on the squishy parts of her soul.  She shares her wins, losses, and lessons with a level of vulnerability that creates a meaningful connection.  You will laugh, maybe cry, and definitely walk away knowing that you are not alone.

When she shares about her honoring the “BOTH/AND” in all of us, her soul is speaking to all humans, of all ages.  Jessica is a powerful, heartfelt keynote at corporate events, leadership retreats, and personal growth focused events alike.

  • Engaging Speaker Series for Personal Growth
  • Methods and Techniques for Personal Development
  • Tools for Uplifting and Inspiring Mind Habits