"After you spoke to our team, we noticed a shift in the room. Thank you for sharing your story and your gift with our company. We can't wait to have you back for the next series." Jason T.

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Life Changer.Jessica Bonar - Keynote Speaker

“Merriam-Webster defines the word accolades as, ” a mark of acknowledgement, an expression of praise” and “a ceremonial embrace”.  The latter resonates deeply. I am a speaker who is down to earth, raw and often vulnerable. Sharing accolades as a “ceremonial embrace” helps turn the feeling of possibly being too boastful, into an honest pride with large amount of gratefulness. An embrace is mutual so, to all of the past conferences, speaking engagements and coaching I have done, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your growth and thank you for contributing to mine.” – Jessica Bonar

I want to thank you for a wonderful talk this morning.  I took great notes, created an email and sent it off to the leaders here at (our company).  I was inspired by you.

“It’s going to be amazing!” is now written on our Project Managers whiteboard.

Director of Operations

Thanks for “making it Amazing”.  I have had several excellent comments the last hour. Great job.

PRESIDENT/CEO “Host Chamber”

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your speech today at Upbeat Breakfast.  You absolutely delivered everything that I needed to hear.  Great job!

Executive Director

What you shared this morning was incredibly meaningful and I appreciate your openness and vulnerability. You are an inspiration and I am thankful to have met you.

Project Manager

Your talk at Tuesday’s Chamber breakfast has sat with me in the most lovely way. I simply wanted to send a note to say how much your words and spirit were appreciated. You have a beautiful gift – thank you for sharing it.

Marketing and Communications Manager

Excellent presentation at the Women’s Conference. Nice use of humor, conversational style, pace, voice & energy. Great Job.


Mark and I enjoyed your presentation at the Chamber event today!  You have a gift of engaging people, plus you are informative and bring fun into your talks.

Executive Coach

Great job last night, Jessica! Thank you for your presentation (which gave me 11 thoughtful words – including “amazing” – to chew on for the foreseeable future) and for your presence. You light up a room, Lady.

Attorney at Law

Thank you again for the wonderful and inspirational presentation last night! …you are truly an amazing woman!

I have been saying ‘It’s going to be Amazing’ since I woke up this morning and it really has made a difference in my day,

Business Owner