Welcome! Thank you for your interest in Jessica Bonar- Premier Female Keynote Speaker. Jessica’s messages span industries and roles. From a company’s executive team to their entry level positions, everyone is given tangible, digestible, and most importantly, immediately applicable inspiration to take back to their company, team, family, or personal life. Sharing through a mix of humor and vulnerability she connects with audiences on a deeper level than the average keynote speaker. She is more than a storyteller…she is an inspirational speaker that transfers fervor and passion, allowing viewers to leave feeling empowered to affect change in their life.

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Not all of us were born with innate leadership skills, but many of us are in positions of leadership in our workplace and in our community. Regardless of our “natural gifts” we have a responsibility to harness our intention to cultivate leadership skills within us…

Powerful Presentations

Working in the world of insurance and employee benefits Jessica claims the motto, “Benefits can be fun!” Although most are skeptical when they enter the room for what they expect to be a boring benefits meeting, they leave with a smile on their face…

Personal Inspiration

Jessica opens up her gut sack and shines a light on the squishy parts of her soul. She shares her wins, losses, and lessons with a level of vulnerability that creates a meaningful connection. You will laugh, maybe cry, and definitely walk away knowing that you are not alone.


This was one of the best speakers we have ever had!
- Donna Revis
One of the best talks I have heard in a long time. She did an amazing job. Very honest and motivating.
- Jean Guthrie
This was so awesome and emotional!
- Karen Hager
Great presentation! Very thankful to receive this message.
- Wendy Novak

A Clear and Engaging Message